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What is it like to work at Impact Networking?

Interviews with some of our top employees at Impact Networking. Learn why they choose to work at Impact Networking, how they have grown as professionals and the reasons why Impact has won multiple awards for Top Places to Work.


Learn Why 95% of Employees Call Impact a Caring and Great Workplace.
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A Message from Our Founder

At Impact, we don't micromanage our people. We empower them. We are an entrepreneurial company dedicated to the proposition that every employee makes a difference. The proof is in our record growth and competitive compensation.

Twelve years ago, when I founded Impact, I set a goal of becoming a $30 million company by 2010. After surpassing that projection, we increased our objective to $100 million by 2017. To achieve this goal, we are continuing to expand our staff in all areas—sales, service, support, marketing, and administration. We seek self-driven individuals able to thrive both independently and as team members.

Dedicated to the success of each employee, we offer the most thorough training program in our industry and insist on continuing, internal education. Our rapid growth is a reflection of our commitment to training and education. Customer confidence depends on responsible preparation, on staff readily able to answer questions and troubleshoot in the field. Customers reward this competence with their business, a dynamic that has helped ensure our employees job security and continuing satisfaction.

At Impact, we sell, service, and support imaging, telecom and networking equipment. As important, we help a wide range of businesses create, distribute, and manage the documents integral to their success. Because our products are digital, not analog, every new account a sales associate creates is an opportunity to help a business ready its company for the 21st century. Our products print, scan, duplicate, network, and telecommunicate. Our sales people don't just sell equipment, they support and service it—a significant marketing edge. This practice, virtually proprietary, is the key to our upward trajectory.

Digital office equipment is a $350 billion industry in this country alone. Help us slice this pie. Know that Impact is a place where people build their careers, not just earn paychecks. By thoroughly training our staff, we empower and tenure them. That is why, from the associate level on up, retention at Impact approaches 100 percent.

A company is as good as the people it employs. If you enjoy setting goals and exceeding them, I encourage you to consider joining our high-impact team.


Frank Cucco
Chief Executive Officer

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