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Automate your office more fully and render it more productive. Impact provides unparalleled world-class equipment, support, supplies and service, so your enterprise will operate more efficiently.

Better Digital Equipment Means Greater Satisfaction and Economy

The products we sell are digital, not analog. Impact adheres to a higher standard, featuring equipment intended to automate your office more fully and render it more productive. We provide digital solutions for designing, integrating and supporting local area networks to ensure each office will operate smoothly. Our products are world class. Our maintenance and support unparalleled.

Each Impact sales rep is empowered to decision-make in the field and taught to troubleshoot. Each receives training and continuing education unmatched in our industry. Customers say this single line of defense—from point of sale to training to supporting each product we sell—impacts their own productivity.

Whether you prefer that Impact scan your backfiles or that your staff do so, we'll recommend the technology best suited to your business and how best to implement document management.

Whether you keep your existing logo or retain our Creative Services team to create a new one, Impact can sell you printers designed to produce collateral materials in house.

Whether seeking hardware, software or both, you'll find the advanced programming and superior performance competitive companies demand in digital office equipment. Superior equipment better enables our systems engineers to create, implement and support the networking and telecom system right for your firm.

Whatever your need, whatever you choose, Impact offers the digital office equipment a growing company deserves. Our Fleet Management program ensures ongoing support and maintenance from Impact technicians, all factory trained, and we educate every sales rep about every product we sell.

So talk to Strategic Services today. Learn how Impact can change your company's workflow and improve its productivity.

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