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Automate your office more fully and render it more productive. Impact provides unparalleled world-class equipment, support, supplies and service, so your enterprise will operate more efficiently.

OneCall Solves Print Pain Points

A poor print management program costs time, leads to unnecessary spending and printer chaos. OneCall Printing Solutions can cure the printing pain points for everyone in an organization by cutting costs and streamlining processes.

The CEO will be happy because:

A strategy will be implemented that cuts costs, boosts productivity, and creates efficiencies

The CFO will be happy because:

Current printer fleet can be maintained without adding unnecessary hardware, permanently reducing an IT infrastructure budget
Printer fleet costs will be appropriately attributed
A cost reduction strategy for the printer fleet will be developed witha trusted dealer

The IT Manager will be happy because:

All printing devices will be identified within minutes
Maintenance and supplies fulfillment is initiated before issues arise
Printer fleet management headaches will disappear

The Purchaser will be happy because:

Hardware usage can be quickly assessed and strategically replaced

The End-User will be happy because:

Overall printing will be more efficiently managed, supplied, and proactively serviced
A managed printer inventory

OneCall solutions for common office problems

• Underutilized and stand-alone equipment

• Inefficient allocation of resources

• Multiple vendor contracts

• Storerooms overflowing with mismatched and outdated consumables

Take Control of your
Printing Costs with OneCall