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Methodologies and solutions to reduce administrative costs, increase profitability, and better manage compliance and risk by giving employees secure and protected access to important business documents.

Objectif Lune is the only independent provider software solutions for document lifecycle management in the market place, covering needs from entry-level to enterprise-wide applications with the ability to seamlessly upgrade users all the way to the top. Objectif Lune became the first in the market to provide entry level to enterprise applications for one-on-one VDP, document composition, business process automation, mail sorting and preparation and document capture.


PlanetPress Suite is a professional software solution allowing organizations to maintain and grow their customer base by adding value to business documents and distributing them in a format that best suits the recipient preferences. Its ease of use, affordability and open architecture make it the perfect solution to quickly and easily enhance, produce and distribute business documents with relevant content that will be sure to capture the reader's attention and get the message across.

Document layouts can be modified at will and printing can be done using simple white cut-sheet paper. PlanetPress Suite connects to any existing host server, ERP or application in order to generate reports and produce documents with total flexibility, with no complex programming or consultation fees. Data from any source can be merged and filtered, barcodes and OMR marks can be added to existing documents, to create ready-to-mail and ready-to-archive documents


PrintShop Mail Suite is a standalone variable data printing composition tool, easy to use for beginners with advanced capabilities for experts. It optimizes (Variable Data Printing) VDP production process by minimizing set-up time and maximizing printing speed. With PrintShop Mail Suite, merge any design with any database and print onany printer, now from anywhere around the world with PrintShop Mail Web as a central production server.

PlanetPress Capture

PlanetPress Capture brings the order-to-cash cycle to digital speed by capturing what is written on any transactional document instantaneously. Central data systems, ERP or other, are updated with the relevant information in real-time. Follow-up business processes, like the printing or emailing of an invoice, can be triggered instantly. The sooner you send out an invoice, the sooner you get paid! With PlanetPress Capture, you get digital accuracy and speed without changing the way you work!


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